2 days: The way to immortality

Do you know Orpheus? Spartacus? Come with us to explore their origin and to feel the ancient times, when the Bulgarian lands belonged to the Thracians!

Those people lived more than 1600 years in the Balkan peninsula and they took and shared knowledge and religion cults with the neighbors and the tribes that crossed through their lands. They were good warriors and fighters, and so many of them were hired by different armies and became generals. Some of them were magnificent musicians. They influenced the Greek and Latin mythology but immediately disappeared when Christianity became the official religion for the Roman empire.  

Now the evidence of their rich heritage you can see in the archeological sources – their treasuries, sanctuaries, and tombs, with which they found the gate to the underworld.

Let’s explore the mystical life of the Thracians and to fill the lost parts of the historical puzzle!