Culture and hiking: Rila monastery, Stob pyramids, waterfalls and panorama

The highest mountain in Balkan peninsula – Rila.  Join the adventure. This is a combined tour in the area of Rila monastery – the biggest one of Bulgaria, the spring of knowledge, hope and faith. We’ll see the phenomena Stob’s pyramids, Bohemia waterfalls and the panoramic peak “The Cross”. 
The transfer to Stob’s pyramids is less than 2 hours. The hiking is less than an hour and a half in that sandy pyramids, made by the force of nature. Return to the car and transfer (less than 15 minutes) at the end of the town of Rila, where are the other two trails. At first, we’ll star with Bohemia waterfalls – a chain of 13 small ones. The trail is extreme and we’ll use a rope in two areas. In total that trail is less than 2 hours. 
The last trail is “The Cross”, which is a panoramic peak to the valley of Rilska Bistrica river and the town of Rila.
Afternoon transfer to Rila monastery. The guide will give you free time for lunch. Later the guide will show you the frescoes, explain the history to understand why this mountain is sacred for the people. 
Transfer to Sofia – 2 hours.

Departure point: Your hotel in Sofia

Departure time:07:00 am

Duration:12 hours (approx.)

Return details: Return to initial departure point or wherever you would want to go to Sofia


 Rila monastery

 Stob’s pyramids

 Bohemia waterfalls

 The peak “The cross”


  • Be with comfortable shoes. 
  • Please, note that there will be hours of hiking. 
  • Be happy!

Every day without the winter period 01.12 – 15.02.

On request.


Stob's pyramids
Bohemia waterfalls
Rila monastery


120 EUR (240 BGN).

80 EUR (160 BGN) per person.

60 EUR (120 BGN) per person.