Journey to the Scary lake

The highest mountain in the Balkan peninsula – Rila. This one has more than 120 different lakes. 
In that adventure, you’ll see seven of them. Six of them are in the group of Mineral lakes and the Scary lake in the most famous. The picturesque location gave so many legends about the lake, which is below the peaks Kupenite, Priest’s head. Rest close to Yonchevo lake to feel the magic of the mountain.  
  The transfer from Sofia to the Mountain school is 2 hours. The average hiking among the lakes is 7/8 hours. The elevation is 810 meters. 
After 1 hour walking,  you’ll reach the hut Maliovitsa and you can make a breakfast. The hiking from the hut to the Scary lake is less than 3 hours. Break at the shores of the Scary lake.  Scary lake – 2451m.
Going down to Yonchevo lake – 1,5 hours. 
Yonchevo lake – 2106 m. From the lake to the Mountain school is no more than 1 hour. 
The transfer to Sofia is 2 hours. After this adventurous hike,  you’ll be blessed by the mountain god with fairy memories!
Join in that extreme trip to find the harmony, to discover some legends and tales in the mountain of wisdom.

Departure point: Your hotel in Sofia

Departure time: 06:30 am

Duration: 12 hours (approx.)

Return details: Return to initial departure point or wherever you would want to go to Sofia

Elevation: 810 m.


Rila mountain

Mineral lakes

The Scary lake

Yonchevo lake


  • Be with comfortable shoes. 
  • Please, note that there will be hours of hiking. 
  • Be happy!

Every day without the winter period 01.11 – 15.05.

On request.


The Mineral lakes with the Scary one
The trail to Yonchevo lake
Mineral lakes
Priest's hat


120 EUR (240 BGN).

85 EUR (170 BGN) per person.

67 EUR (134 BGN) per person.