The secret museums of Sofia

Sofia has so many museums, that the locals don’t even know for their existence. In this walking tour, the guide will tell what happened here millions of years ago and will lead you through the historical periods, through Аncient times, Мiddle ages, Кingdom era, and Socialistic era. 

The tour will start with Sofia University, which is the oldest one in Bulgaria. Inside you’ll visit 3 different museums – for the university, for the Mineralogy and for the Paleontology, where you can find sea creatures, that lived together with the dinosaurs, mammals like Deinotherium, a strange elephant, that lived in Bulgarian lands 20 million years ago, tusks from Mastodons and Mammoths, and a lot more.

After an hour and a half the guide will lead you to the mausoleum of the Bulgarian king Alexander von Battenberg, who was elected when the Bulgarian constitution was made. 

Then you’ll visit the National stadion, where is the Museum of the sport – the history of the Bulgarian achievements.

Later, you’ll see 4 houses of the famous writers and poets, who worked in Bulgarian Renaissance, Post-Liberation Symbolism and Realism. With them, they formed the Bulgarian mind and spirit. 

Before the end, you’ll see one museum, made by donations, Sofia Contemporary art gallery and the Shooting range building, where some people lost their lives during the Second World war. 

The tour finishes where is the National Palace of Culture and you can visit Vitosha pedestrian street.


Departure point: Your hotel

Departure time: When it’s convenient for you

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

Return details: The main center of Sofia

Tour highlights:

Sofia university

Mausoleum of the Bulgarian king

Museums of Mineralogy, Paleontology and Earth and People

  4 Houses of famous writers and poets

The modern art gallery and the Shooting range building

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On request.

Join the untypical city tour to have a bigger picture of Sofia, that never sleeping beauty.


40 EUR (80 BGN)

30 EUR (60 BGN) per person

25 EUR (50 BGN) per person