The gorges of Trun and Dragovski stone

Average, there are some steep areas 40%
Do you know what is Lactobacillus bulgaricus? This is a specific bacterium, lives in local dairy products. With its qualities can reduce the cancer cells and aging. It was discovered for the first time in this region where we are going  – Trun.
The production of yogurt has deep traditions – historically there have always been people in these lands. Thracians, Romans, even Crusaders have settled here. Come to this adventure, where we will hike the Bulgarian  Matterhorn  – 1118 meters over sea level with a panoramic view and the gorge of the Erma River, one of the national treasures of the country!
The transfer from Sofia to the beginning of the trail of Dragovski stone is about an hour and half. The trail is challenging, but to reach the peak is roughly 45 minutes. You’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Bulgarian mountains. Then we’ll return by a different trail, where we can see the little stream Dragovski river and some waterfalls. 
Then we head to Trun, a city rich in resources. The transfer is less than 30 minutes. We’ll stop the car at the end of the city and we’ll go to the gorge. Many legends exist around this place. The walk here is surrounded by two options – easy and difficult and it is about 2 hours.
If you choose the difficult one, we’ll reach the peak Tsurkvisteto, from where you can see 360 degrees panorama. For one day – two thrilling trails. 

Transfer to Sofia – 2 hours.


Departure point: Your hotel in Sofia

Departure time: 09:00 am

Duration: 8 hours (approx.)

Return details: Return to the original departure point or wherever you would want to go to Sofia

Tour highlights:

 The gorge of Trun

 The peak Dragovski stone

  • Be with comfortable shoes. 
  • Be happy!

Every day without the winter period period 01.12 – 15.02.

On request.

The peak "Jilav Kamak"
The Bulgarian Matterhorn
The peak "Tsurkvisteto"
Join us and solve the mysteries of West Bulgaria!


65 EUR (130 BGN).

45 EUR (90 BGN) per person.

35 EUR (70 BGN) per person.