Why Bulgaria?

A country, two times smaller than the United Kingdom and 4 times smaller than the state of Texas. What can you find here? A paradise. 
When God created the Earth in six days, in the last one he invited all the people and gave them a piece of his creation. He gave Germany to the Germans, India to the Indians, to all of them! But where was the Bulgarian? There were no tracks of him and God gave everything to the others. The Bulgarian was late and there was nothing left for him. God was angry and asked the Bulgarian where he had been. „Excuse me, God“, answered the Bulgarian, „but I worked with all my children in the fields to collect some grain, some food. That’s why I missed everything“. God, because he is God, He knew everything and He saw that the Bulgarian wasn’t a liar. Because of the Bulgarian’s honesty God gave him a little piece of paradise. 

In our country you will be enchanted from the rich landscape, the people that changed the history, the tales and the legends within we are proud to say we are Bulgarians!